Event Date

INDIA - 06/10/2020 - 09/10/2020

Event Description

Certificate Course On Practical Knowledge Of Arbitration And Dispute Resolution.

The course is tailored to empower Corporates with a functional and practical understanding of Arbitration (both domestic and International Commercial Arbitration). The goal is for the attendees to gain practical knowledge allowing them to-
Benefits of Attending:
·         Understand basics of dispute resolution and arbitration and arbitration process
·         Understand how arbitration clauses work and draft better arbitration clauses
·         Understand how to manage the initial phases of a dispute resolution before commencement of arbitration such as communications with other parties, invocation of arbitration  
·         Understand practical aspects of the arbitration process- appointment of arbitrators and challenging appointment of arbitrators, procedure in arbitration, giving evidence, challenging award, execution of awards
·         Understand how damages are calculated and claimed

Thought Leaders:-

·        George Pothan Poothicote
Advocate, Supreme Court of India
Legal Consultant, Ministry of External Affairs
·        N.P.S.Chawla
Associate Partner,
Vaish Associates Advocates
·        Gaurav Varma
Principal Associate,
Vaish Associates Advocates
·        Sujoy Datta
Senior Associate,
Vaish Associates Advocates
·        Allan Massey
Senior Associate
Vaish Associates Advocates

Event Agenda

6th October 2020
03:00 PM – 04:30 PM
Session 1 – Fundamentals of Arbitration as Dispute Resolution
·         Introduction to Dispute Resolution
·         Dispute Resolution in India 
·         Early neutral evaluation
·         Negotiation
·         Conciliation
·         Mediation
·         Arbitration
·         What is International Commercial Arbitration?
·         General overview of the Arbitration Process
·         Role of professionals in Mediation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution
7th October  2020
03:00 PM – 04:30 PM
Session 2 – Drafting and Understanding Arbitration Clauses
·         What is an arbitration agreement? Key features
·         Drafting arbitration clauses- pitfalls to avoid
·         Working of arbitration clauses in “multi-contract” situations
·         Practical understanding of “Seat, Place and Venue”- how these may affect your arbitration, including International Commercial Arbitration.
·         Different Arbitral Institutions
·         Examples and Case Studies
8th October 2020
03:00 PM – 04:30 PM
Session 3 – Claiming and Proving Damages
·         Understanding damages and kinds of damages
·         Damages and Penalties
·         Damages and Indemnity
·         Calculating Damages
·         Proving Damages
·         Forensic Audit- Role in Arbitration
·         Sources of disputes
·         Methods in lieu of formal proceedings
9th October 2020
03:00 PM – 04:30 PM
Session 4 – Practical Aspect of Arbitration Law
·         What to do when a dispute arises?
·         Appointment and eligibility of Arbitrator
·         Challenging the jurisdiction of an Arbitrator
·         Giving evidence in Arbitrations
·         Challenging an award- when and how?
·         Enforcement and execution of an award- a practical look


06/10/2020 - 09/10/2020


Opening Day Time: 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Closing Day Time: 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm




Download Link : Arbitration_V6.pdf

Registration Fees

INR 8,000.00

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