Workshop On Mindfulness & Conscious Living • Delhi


Date and Time:

May 4, 2019 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Event Location:

Hotel Eros,, New Delhi, India

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Conferitus andAchromic Point would like to invite you for our upcoming seminar on “Workshop on Mindfulness & Conscious Living” along with “Zing Up Life” as Knowledge Partner in New Delhi on 4th May, 2019 at Hotel Eros.
Conferitus and Achromic Point with their Knowledge Partners ZingUpLife, present to you a workshop on Mindfulness and Conscious Living led and facilitated by Ruchi Phool – leading and highly experienced Holistic Coach, Mentor and Champion. The workshop is designed to appeal to Executives & Board members, Business Analysts & Strategists, Managers, Coaches, Human Resource & Learning Professionals, Consultants, Trainers and Facilitators, at enterprises that encourage and champion employee health, wellbeing and happiness, and invest in their workforce to create and sustain a truly competitive advantage in this dynamic business environment. This workshop is highly recommended for individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations looking to build awareness on how they can encourage mindful living, feel happier, more balanced, and experience a well-integrated work life, while supporting themselves and colleagues both in and outside of the workplace.
Benefits of attending:

  • Understanding the theory and research behind Mindfulness
  • Improving personal wellbeing, vitality, optimism, resilience, enthusiasm and job fulfillment
  • Learning to improve mood and decision making, while increasing self-control, objectivity, focus, mental clarity, and creativity
  • Applying practical mindfulness tools and techniques to help manage strong emotions, improve productivity and working relationships in day-to-day life
  • Creating a stress-reducing lifestyle and establishing an effective support system at work and home
Program Outline (Indicative):-

Session 1 – Mindfulness & Conscious living 
  • Theory and research behind mindfulness
  • Mindful tools and techniques at work and in life
  • Unleashing mindful awareness and conscious healing
  • Responding to complexities with greater focus & clarity
Session 2 – Authentic Happiness
  • Improved stress management with greater engagement at work
  • Action planning to grow & optimize wellbeing
  • Brain transformation for optimal happiness
  • New standards for performance, wellness and vitality
Session 3 – Compassionate Communication
  • Kindness, self-acceptance and compassion at work and home
  • Building teams, individual awareness and working relationships
  • Increasing self-control, objectivity & focus
  • Mental clarity and creativity
Session 4 – Mastering Change & Adaptability
  • Key to thrive professionally and in personal life
  • Circumstances, choices and compassionate decision making
  • Promoting sustainable peace and happiness
  • Guided meditation, progressive relaxation and breath work
  • Ruchi Phool
    Wellness and Lifestyle Consultant
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