Virtual Training On Contract Drafting & Negotiating – An Advanced Level Workshop – Session 1


Date and Time:

July 8, 2020 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

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Over 85% of business transactions be it international or domestic are governed by contracts which should to be aligned with business requirements. Thus In-house counsels, contract managers, procurement professionals and private practitioners needs to be well versed with the drafting techniques and expertise to foresee the risk and have futuristic thinking to handle contracts in the best interest of their organization.
Our Virtual Training on Drafting and Negotiating Commercial Contracts will provide you with strategies, tactics, and a deeper understanding of contracts necessary to improve your contract negotiating skills.
In this highly interactive webinar, participants will have an opportunity to learn the tactics and tricks that are designed to unnerve you while negotiating terms, conditions, extensions etc.
Who Should Attend: –
This virtual training is relevant for those who are involved with the administration or management of contracts, developing, drafting or negotiating contract terms and conditions or evaluating contracts – in any industry sector.
 Even if you do not draft the contract documents, you’re input/briefing to the drafting team/legal staff is valuable, and will be improved after this course.
Benefits of Attending: –
  • Review of Legal Issues and Contract Language
  • Be up to date with the current developments
  • Avoid common contractual Pitfalls
  • Be fully prepared to engage in contract negotiations
  • Reduce exposure, avoid litigation and implement dispute management.
  • Identification and mitigation of contractual risks and dispute resolution clauses
  • Practical Insights into advanced contract drafting

Session 1 –
  • Outline of Workshop
  • Contracts as technical documents to record legal obligations
  • Combining maximum clarity, legally and commerciality: how realistic?
  • Constituents of a Contract
Converting MoU, Letter of Intent into a formal Contract
Structure of Indian Contract Act
Requirements of a valid contract
Key Concepts under Contract Law – Overview

Indemnity v. Damages

Thought Leaders:
·          Savitha kesav Jagadeesan
Senior Resident Partner,
Kochhar and Co.
·          Gaurav Chatterjee
Kochhar and Co.
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