Transfer Pricing, The Changing Dynamics 2012


Date and Time:

June 22, 2012 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Event Location:

Hotel Radisson GRT, Chennai, India

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Transfer Pricing, The Changing Dynamics 2012


Increasing globalization has opened up numerous cross-border business opportunities for the multinational companies (MNC’s) with two-third of the world trade in goods, services, funds and intangibles occurring between related entities. However at the same time the companies are facing a challenge of managing the complex transfer pricing risks arising from cross border transaction. Transfer Pricing of such cross border transactions can have a significant impact on distribution of profits among countries and consequently on the tax base of the relevant tax jurisdictions. On one hand, enterprises are exploring area level synergies, cost reductions, enhanced competitiveness, improved market penetration and product leadership and on the other hand the Tax Authorities across nations are becoming increasingly sophisticated and more aggressive with respect to transfer pricing audits.

As a result, Enterprises are seeking more comprehensive, well-supported tax planning which is aligned with the business realities and at the same time complies with the ever-changing regulatory and legal obligations.

This one day seminar would focus on the overall transfer pricing scenario in India, The Finance Bill 2012 and changes introduced in the Transfer pricing space (International as well as Domestic).


Deloitte Experts:-

Vishweshwar Mudigonda – Senior Director, Transfer Pricing

Priya Gopalakrishnan – Director, Transfer Pricing

Parameshwaran Krishnan – Senior Manager, Tax

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