Masterclass on Companies Act- Key Issues and Recent Amendments


Date and Time:

February 10, 2023 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Event Location:

Online, India

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Achromic Point pleased to invite you to our Masterclass on Companies Act- Key Issues and Recent Amendments scheduled on 10th February 2023. This Masterclass will provide an opportunity to prove and improve you or your team’s credentials as the Companies Act Professional which is crucial in a global business environment.

In this we will be discussing upon the Overview of recent changes in Companies Act 2013, Inter-Corporate Transactions and Related Party Transactions, Corporate Social Responsibility, Frauds under Companies Act 2013 and much more.

Who should attend?

  • Managing Director
  • CEO & CFO
  • Company secretary
  • Finance Professional
  • General Manager
  • Companies Act Professionals

Thought Leaders:

  • Anup Vijay Kulkarni
    J Sagar Associates
  • Lokesh Dhyani
    Partner (General Corporate)
    Aekom Legal
  • Prasanna Bedi
    Founder & Managing Partner
    Bedi & Sons Corporate Solutions LLP

Event Timelines

09.30 AM- 11.00 AM

Session 1: Overview of recent changes in Companies Act 2013 

• Company Officers and Key Managerial Personnel

 Appointment of Directors

 Different types of Directors

• Roles and Responsibilities

• Directors, Managing Director, Chairman, CEO, COO, CFO

• Independent Directors

• Company Secretaries

 Resignation and Removal of Directors

• Liabilities of Directors 

• Liability of directors in voluntary strike off

• Duties of Directors

• Management and Administration

• Overview and important changes in aspect relating to Audit and Auditor

• New Rules for Small Companies

11.00 AM- 01.00 PM

Session 2:

• Inter-Corporate Transactions and Related Party Transactions

• New Regulatory Framework of Related party transactions

• How to deal with conflicts of interest

• Holding and Subsidiary Companies- Introduction

• Holding and Subsidiary Companies- Advanced Reading

• Layering of subsidiaries under Companies Act 2013

• Governance of joint ventures

• Issues related to related cross-border entities

01.00 PM - 01.30 PM


01.30 PM - 03.00 PM

Session 3

• Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

• Decoding CSR through MCA

• CSR Amendments in Companies (Amendment) Act, 2020

• Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Amendment Rules, 2021

• Spending mandate: consequences of not spending requisite CSR amount

• Retention of money for “ongoing projects”

• Scope of CSR spending defined with carve-outs

• Carry backward of CSR spending

• Registration of implementing agencies

• Impact assessment

• Board responsibilities for spending Enhanced disclosures.

03.00 PM- 04.00 PM

Session 4: SEBI Regulations

• SEBI’s Proposed changes to Framework of Promoters, Promoter Group & Independent Directors

• Regulatory changes in LODR Regulations and ICDR Regulations

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