GST and Customs- Contemporary Issues


Date and Time:

September 16, 2022 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Event Location:

Hotel Radisson, Bengaluru, India

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Since the implementation of GST, it has seen several changes. Aimed typically at making things simpler and plugging leakages, the current form of GST is quite different from what it was during its launch that has proven to be an important learning for many organizations to be prepared for an unprecedent time like these and accelerate their transition to digital tax technologies.

GST and Customs- Contemporary Issues scheduled on 16th September 2022 in Bengaluru at Hotel Radisson brought to you by Achromic Point where key issues like Refunds under GST & Intricacies of ITC, Free Trade agreements in India, Appeal, Revision, Offence, Penalty, Inspection, Search, Seizure, and Arrest in GST, Emerging Issues in GST instigating Litigation will be discussed.

Benefits of attending:-

  • It will develop a network of professionals for knowledge interchange on GST
  • Understand about the GST & Intricacies of ITC
  • It provides an understanding of Free Trade agreements in India
  • It intends to give an opportunity for discussion and exchange of ideas on GST and its practical application for effective implementation
  • Identify Emerging Issues in GST instigating Litigation & Impact on Key Industries
  • Identify the Writ petitions including Anti-Profiteering and credits


Who Should Attend:-

  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Directors & Heads
  • Tax Professionals
  • Finance/Accounts/Legal Head
  • Managers
  • Middle and Senior level executives dealing in Indirect Taxes
  • Practicing CA/CMA and other related professions


Thought Leaders:

  • Sanjay Chhabria
    Director, Indirect Tax

Event Timelines

10.00 AM- 11.15 AM

Session 1: Refunds under GST & Intricacies of ITC 

• Critical analysis of refund under exports

• Refund under Inverted Duty Structure and related contentious issues

• Refund in case of supplies to SEZ units or developers

• Refund of ITC of compensation cess and practical challenges

• Conditions and restriction imposed on refunds imposed under CGST rules

• Guide to proper filing of refund claims

11.15 AM- 12.45 PM

Session 2: Appeal, Revision, Offence, Penalty, Inspection, Search, Seizure, and Arrest in GST

• How to prepare for Audit and Assessment by GST Department

• Self-assessment, scrutiny of returns, best judgement assessment and provision of documents, details etc. by a taxpayer to the Department

• Background of Departmental Audit and their approach

• The approach by a taxpayer in handling such audits

• Critical analysis of demand and recovery provisions

• Drafting replies to letter, notices being issued by the Department

• Power of Inspection, search, and Seizure

• Power to arrest under GST

• Power to summon under GST

• Inspection of documents

• Judicial pronouncements

12.45 PM - 01.30 PM

Lunch Break

01.30 PM - 02.45 PM

Session 3: Lucrative Customs Schemes and Litigation under Foreign Trade Policy

• Bonded Manufacturing

• Authorized Economic Operators

• Import of Goods at Concessional Rate of Duty

• Free Trade Agreements and Rules of Origins

• Transport and Marketing Assistance (‘TMA’) Scheme

02.45 PM - 04.00 PM

Session 4: Writ petitions including Anti-Profiteering and credits

• Transitional credits 


• Anti-Profiteering 

• Taxability 

• Input Tax Credit 

• Refund

• Blocking of ITC & Provisional Attachment

• Cross jurisdiction

• Detention and Seizure of goods

• Proper Officer

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