Future Proofing Against CYBER CRIME 2015 – New Delhi


Date and Time:

September 30, 2015 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Event Location:

Hotel Eros, India

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Achromic Point and Ernst & Young presents Future Proofing Against Cyber Crime in New Delhi on 29th September 

Throughout the world the rapid increase in public and private sector and the wide range of work is forcing everyone to rely on the internet. We are all interconnected and people are addicted to shuttle the information online. But at the same time ,we forget that there is a nonstop flood of Trojan horsesand phising attacks assaulting the Internet every day. Crime attacks and identity theft can happen to anyone. To target the victims Cyber- Criminals are becoming more selective.

Capacity of human mind is unfathomable. It is not possible to eliminate Cyber-Crime from the cyber space. It is quite possible to check them. History is the witness that no legislation has succeeded in totally eleminating crime  from the  globe. The only possible step is to make people aware of the their rights and duties.

All the discussion in the seminar will be based on real-world situation. Also, the seminar will help the delegates to :

  • Improve your investigation techniques to fight cyber-crime more efficiently
  • Be proactive and avoid cyber-attacks – prepare for the next cyber attack and learn more about strategies to protect from cyber-crime
  • Discover innovative tools and new approches helping you in your own daily work.
  • Boost your knowledge on how to combat botnets.

Agenda :

  • Changing face of cyber-crime and what can organisations do about it?
  • Breach notification/Electronic Communications Privacy Act
  • Discussion on the legalities involved around cyber-crime
  • Proactively protect your business against cyber-crimes
  • New and focused approch against cyber security


Mukul Shrivastava, Partner
Fraud Investigation and Dispute Service
Ernst & Young LLP

Amit Jaju, Executive Director
Fraud Investigation and Dispute Service
Ernst & Young

Karnika Seth, Founding Partner & Head
Corporate & Cyber Law Practice
Chairperson, Lex Cyberia

Kislay Chaudhary, President & CEO
Indian Cyber Army

Sanjiv Dagar, Managing Counsel

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