Fraud Prevention, Detection and Investigation Training Program


Date and Time:

February 16, 2024 10:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Event Location:

Online, India

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Achromic Point presents the Virtual Event on Fraud Prevention, Detection and Investigation Training Program on 16th February 2024 that will provide auditors, fraud examiners and other financial professionals with a strong foundation of practical knowledge about how common frauds are committed and why it is vital to an organization, large or small to have a fraud prevention plan in place.


Benefits of attending

  • Understanding the fraud and forensic schemes and controls
  • Fraud Risk Assessment and Recognizing the Red Flags of Internal Fraud
  • About the Investigation Techniques
  • How to establish an Anti- Fraud Culture


Who should attend

  • Fraud Examiner
  • Internal Auditors
  • Chief Risk Officers
  • Chief Audit Executives
  • External Auditors
  • CFOs
  • Internal Directors/Managers/ Supervisors/Auditors
  • Risk Managers
  • Assurance professionals
  • Risk & Governance professionals



¿10.00 AM- 11.15 AM

Session 1: Fraud Detection

  • How to Identify Corporate Frauds:
    • Introduction to Fraud
    • Fraud triangle
    • Fraudster’s profile
  • Role of Fraud Manager
  • Whistle-blower hotlines: How to set them up and manage them (detailed discussion of do’s and don’ts). Detailed instruction on best practices and mistakes to avoid
    • Other important fraud detection procedures:
      • Surprise Internal Audit
      • Regular internal audits, incorporating fraud audit testing
      • Physical inspection of inventory
      • Manual review of all vendors (to ensure absence of sham vendors)
    • Establishing an Anti- Fraud Culture
      • Use of AI in Fraud Detection
      • New tool and technologies in Fraud Detection
      • Benchmarking the effectiveness of your anti-financial crime policies and procedures
      • Determining risk appetite for complex but legal structures
      • Developing global collaborative efforts to mitigate risks of fraudulent activities and constraining reputational risks


11.15 AM- 12.30 PM

Session 2: Conducting a Fraud Risk Assessment and Recognizing the Red Flags of Internal Fraud

  • External Fraud
    • Vendor fraud (Case studies that show new ways vendor fraud can be committed)
    • Fraud Risk Mitigation Cycle – Implementing a Company-Wide System for Detecting, Preventing and Investigating Fraud
    • Financial reporting fraud (Unusually high revenues, odd patterns in receivables, etc.)
  • Internal Fraud:
    • Embezzlement (General definition; case studies)
    • Procure-to-Pay fraud (Procurement — Receiving—Accounts Payable Cycle)
    • Financial reporting fraud


12.30 PM- 01.00 PM



01.00 PM- 02.15 PM

Session 3: Digital Forensics

  • Digital Evidence Collection
  • Digital Forensics Investigation Process
  • Investigating Web Attacks, We Forensics, Email Crimes, Malware Forensics
  • Awareness about the softwares


02.15 PM- 03.30 PM

Session 4: Investigation Techniques- Forensic Accounting Investigation – What it Is

  • Different from Internal Audit/ When to Call in Forensic Accountant/Auditor
  • Forensic accounting/auditing techniques: Data Mining and Analytics (most powerful forensic accounting investigative tool); ratio analysis;
  • Gathering evidence – Document retention, chain of custody, preservation, mistakes to avoid
  • Securing crime scene
  • Interviewing/interrogating suspects – Detailed steps with examples
  • Documenting findings


Thought Leaders:


  • Rohan Sikka
    Senior Director
    Alvarez and Marsal
  • Ankush Lamba
    Managing Director
  • Kush Wadhwa
    Senior Director – Disputes and Investigation
    Alvarez and Marsal
  • Shashank Karnad
    Partner and CEO, Forensic Services
    Mahajan & Aibara
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