5th Annual Direct Tax Summit and Awards 2022


Date and Time:

March 11, 2022 9:30 am - 2:00 pm

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Achromic Point along with Nexdigm (SKP) as Gold Partner & Chilana & Chilana Law Offices as Litigation Partner takes immense pride to announce its 5th Annual Direct Tax Summit and Awards 2022 scheduled on 11th March, 2022. This Half-day event brought to you by Achromic Point is outlined keeping in mind the recent trend and issues in the field of Direct Tax and helps you identify the best methods for integrating into the new systems while deriving the most tax benefits. The symposium will discuss the Overview of Recent Developments in International Tax in India 2021-2022, Taxation of Digital Economy, GAAR Vs SAAR, Transfer Pricing, Faceless Assessment and much more.


Benefits of Attending:-

  • Overview of Recent Developments in International Tax in India 2021-2022
  • Identify the best methods for integrating into the new systems while deriving the most tax benefits
  • Learn about the Taxation of Digital Economy
  • Learn Jurisdictional approaches to the taxation of complex international transactions
  • Assist in developing a global transfer pricing risk strategy


Who Should Attend:-

CFO/CA/CS, Head, Vice President, President, Director, General Manager, Manager of

  • International Taxation
  • Tax Litigation
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Direct Taxation
  • Financial Controllers
  • Finance Shared services


Awards Categories:- 

The 2022 Achromic Point Direct Tax Awards are being introduced to recognize achievement in the domain of Direct Tax in the following categories: 

  • National Tax Firm of the Year
  • Best International Tax Team
  • Direct Tax Consulting Firm of the Year
  • Best Tax Disputes / Investigations Team
  • Direct Tax Technology Firm of the Year
  • Best in-house Direct tax team award
  • Leading Tax Director/ CEO/COO of the year (in-house)**
  • Tax Compliance and Reporting Firm of the year
  • Best Rising star in tax (Male)
  • Best Rising star in tax (Female)

You are requested to solicit your nomination by filling in the details in the template.

Visit Website: Direct Tax


Thought Leaders:

  • Kavita Jha
    Vaish Associates Advocates 
  • Sandeep Chilana
    Managing Partner
    Chilana & Chilana law offices
  • Haroon Qureshi
    Vice President – Taxes
  • Shashishekhar Chaugule
    FCA, Insolvency Professional, Registered Valuer
  • Maulik Doshi
    Deputy Managing Director – Transfer Pricing and International Tax,
  • Naveen Aggarwal
    Partner – Corporate and International Tax, India-US Corridor Leader
    KPMG in India 
  • Abhay Saboo
    Director, Transfer Pricing
    Sudit K Parekh & Co.LLP
  • Vidur Puri
    Senior Partner
    SCV & Co. LLP 
  • Umang Dhingra
    Head of Tax – India
    GlaxoSmithKline Asia Pvt Ltd 
  • Mahesh Jain
    Asia Pacific – Tax & T3 PCO Lead
  • Pushpendra Dixit
    General Manager & Global Tax Head
    PVR Group

Event Timelines

09.30 AM- 09.45 AM

Welcome/KeyNote Address

09.45 AM - 10.10 AM

Session 1: Overview of Recent Developments in International Tax in India 2021-2022

10.10 AM - 11.15 AM

Session 2: (Panel Discussion)
• Taxation of Digital Economy
 Pillar One
o Update on developments and Impact of Pillar one on India
o Technical Issues and considerations for Implementation
o Equalisation Levy & OECD Digital Tax Regime
 Pillar Two
o OECD Pillar Two global minimum corporate tax rate and potential impact on developing countries
o Key Issues- Revenue, Investment, Tax Competition, Tax Base, Income Conclusion Rule and Switchover Rule
o Software taxation as Royalty in the light of supreme court decision and interplay with EL.
o Challenges and Opportunities- Pillar two and Tax Administration

11.15 AM - 11.45 AM

Session 3: GAAR (Presentation)
o Interplay with GAAR, SEP, Profit Attribution to PE
o Can the GAAR apply in the case of tax benefits offered by the domestic tax law?
o Can the GAAR in the domestic tax law apply in a tax treaty situation?
o Q&A

11.45 AM - 12.15 PM

Session 4: Transfer Pricing (Presentation)
 Advance Pricing Agreements (APAs)- Indian and Global Perspective
 Advance Pricing Agreement- Procedure & Process and recent development due to COVID.
 Q&A

12.15 PM - 01.15 PM

Session 5: (Panel Discussion)
• Faceless Assessment
 Objectives of the Indian Government with respect to International tax Policy
 Faceless Assessment proceedings-Do’s & Don’ts based on practical experience
 Q&A

01.15 PM

Awards Distribution and Concluding Remarks

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