5th Annual Anti-Fraud Conclave & Awards 2023 – Mumbai


Date and Time:

April 12, 2023 9:00 am - 4:15 pm

Event Location:

Hotel Orchid, Mumbai, India

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Anti-fraud procedures help an organization analyse information about potential fraud and financial irregularities to assess whether there are grounds to transmit the information to the relevant authorities for investigation. Thus, Achromic Point presents the 5th Annual Anti-Fraud Conclave & Awards 2022 on 12th April 2023 in Mumbai.


Who should attend:

  • Fraud Examiner
  • Chief Risk Officers
  • Chief Audit Executives
  • External Auditors
  • CFOs
  • Internal Auditor/Directors/Managers/ Supervisors/Auditors
  • Risk Managers
  • Assurance professionals


Award Categories:

  • Anti-Fraud Solution of the Year
  • Combatting Fraud – Collaboration of the Year
  • Combatting Fraud – Technology Innovation of the Year
  • Fraud Investigation Team of the Year – Independent
  • Fraud Intelligence Team of the Year
  • Effective Information Sharing and Security Award.
  • Fraud Examiner of the Year
  • Outstanding Achievement in Community Service
  • Young Fraud Investigator of the Year (Male)
  • Young Fraud Investigator of the Year (Female)

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Event Timelines

09.00 AM - 09.30 AM

Registration and Tea/Coffee

09.30 AM - 09.40 AM

Welcome Address

09.40 AM - 10.00 AM

Keynote Address

10.00 AM – 10.45 AM

Session 1 (Individual Presentation)

• The Key to tackling Fraud

o Shaping the Anti-Fraud Culture

o Understanding the different aspects of fraud prevention and the innovative ways to prevent fraudsters

o Fraud Precognition: Crystal Balls, Tarot Cards and Other Risk Management Tools

o Re-Envisioning Corporate Governance to Fight Fraud

o Improving the Effectiveness of your Fraud Program

10.45 AM – 11.45 AM

Session 2 (Panel Discussion)

• The Rise of Cyber Crime

o Understanding the research into cybercrime and the current issues with cyber criminals

o How can corporates protect themselves best from this form of attack

o Understanding what is real and what is fake when it comes to cyber crime

o The Future of Cybercrime: AI, Deepfakes and Beyond

o How Technological Change Is Disrupting Digital Forensics

11.45 AM - 12.00 PM

Tea/Coffee Break

12.00 PM - 01.15 PM

Session 3 (Panel Discussion)

• Fraud Prevention and Detection

o Compliance Monitoring and Analysis

o Fraud risks, red flags and their use to detect and prevent possible fraud

o Perspectives From In-House Forensic Accountants

o Driving Results with Compliance Controls and Risk Management

o The Power of Fraud Knowledge

o Understanding what steps can be taken to prevent hiring a person who may de-fraud the organization

o Fraud Prevention and Detection Best Practices 

01.15 PM - 02.00 PM

Lunch Break

02.00 PM - 02.45 PM

Session 4 (Individual Presentation)

• Fraud Investigation and Remediation

o Investigations Present and Future

o Forensic Accounting techniques required to investigate the financial statement frauds

o Lessons Learned about Conduction Remote Investigation

o The Art of Investigation

o Investigation for errors, irregularities and Fraud in Cash Accounts

02.45 PM – 04.00 PM

Session 5 (Panel Discussion)

• Auditing for Fraud and Data Analytics

o Fraud Intelligence and understanding the use of data

o Integrating Investigative Approaches into Forensic Audits

o Using Artificial Intelligence for Fraud Deterrence and Detection

o Data Visualization Techniques in Fraud Investigation

o Internal Audit's Approach to Fraud Risk Management

o Data Science in Compliance and Fraud Detection

04.00 PM - 04.15 PM

Awards Distribution 

04.15 PM

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