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2 Days Certificate Course On International Tax • Chennai


Date and Time:

June 26, 2019 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Event Location:

Hotel Radisson GRT, Chennai, India

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Achromic Point Academy takes immense pride to announce its 2 Days Certificate Course on International Tax” along with Aourakii Legal as Knowledge Partner and CA Club India as Online Media Partner in Chennai on 26th – 27th June, 2019 at Hotel Radisson GRT.

In a global business environment, transactions with customers and suppliers often transcend national borders and investment and activities are frequently cross-border as well. An understanding of the international tax rules is of paramount importance to a wide variety of tax and corporate professionals.

This certificate program provides the opportunity to prove and improve you or your team’s credentials as an International Tax Professional.

Program Outline:-

  • Introduction to International Taxation: An Overview

o   What is International Tax

o   Double Taxation in international trade

o   Objective of International Tax Systems

o   Tax Neutrality v. Tax Equity

o   International tax conflicts and double taxation

o   International Tax Treaties

o   Interpretation of Tax Treaties

o   DTAA between India and other countries

o   Relevant provisions of Income Tax Act, 1961

o   Section 195 with Form 15CA and Form 15CB

  • International Tax Treaties

o   Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements

  • Article 1 – Person
  • Article 2 – Taxes Covered
  • Article 3 – General Definition
  • Article 4-  Resident
  • Article 5 – Permanent Establishment
  • Article 6 – Income from Immovable Property
  • Article 7 – Business Profit
  • Article 8 – Shipping, Inland Waterways Transport and Air Transport
  • Article 10 – Dividend
  • Article 11 – Interest
  • Article 12 – Royalty and Fees for Technical Services
  • Article 13 – Capital Gains
  • Article 14 – Independent Personal Services
  • Article 15 – Dependent Personal Services
  • Article 16 – Director’s Fees
  • Article 17- Artists and Sportsmen
  • Article 20 – Students
  • Article 21 – Other Income
  • Article 23 – Methods of Elimination of Double Taxation
  • Article 24 – Non Discrimination
  • Article 25 – Mutual Agreement Procedure
  • Article 26 – Exchange of Information
  • International Tax Structures

o   Favourable Tax Jurisdictions

o   International Tax Structures

o   Base Erosion Profit Shifting

o   Multilateral Instrument (MLI)

  • Anti-Avoidance Measures

o   General Anti Avoidance Regulations


  • Pranshu Goel
    Founder, Aourakii Legal 
  • Lalith Kumar
    Director, B S R & Co. LLP 
  • Praveen N
    Associate Director, B S R & Co. LLP
  • Shreyansh Kochar
    Manager, B S R & Co. LLP
  • Palaniappan A
    Associate Director, B S R & Co. LLP
  • Deepika Kothari
    Assistant Manager, B S R & Co. LLP
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