About Us

Achromic Point Consulting is an International Consulting firm with a strong presence in India, specializing in organizing business seminars, conferences and trainings for corporates.
APC works with enterprises at various levels in order to provide them consulting, hand holding, solutions and services for Starting-up, Scaling-up and turnaround, and/or achieving Operational Excellence. Our foundation stone is laid on the fundamentals of an ethical, profitable & sustainable growth through a partnering approach. As one-stop-shop for Enterprises, we direct leaders & help make distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements in the performance of their Organizations.

We at APC have deep rooted philosophies that are inherent and play a pivotal part in all our strategic initiatives.

1. Excellence:

To strive relentlessly & constantly to improve ourselves, our products and services & to deliver the best, thereby ensuring the best possible solutions for our clients and key business conglomerates.

We are about Excellent Innovative Business Solutions

2. Customer focus:

To meet & try to surpass customer expectations consistently and with complete transparency and utmost sincerity.

We  are about trust-based relationships

3. Empowerment:

Nurture talent and encourage every employee to reach full potential by availing opportunities that arise across the group; further augmenting the scope of deliverables for the alliances & clientele.

We are about people who have a passion to help & empower.

4. Quality Assurance & Customer Care:

Quality assurance and training in order to ensure every employee has the ability to innovate, create and deliver opportunities & plans to their best potential.

Business is about relationships and we are about conscious customer interaction and assistance.

5. Commitment:

To deliver the highest quality of service instituted on the belief that professional integrity; extended assistance and endurance are the stepping stones of any true partnership

We are about dedication and complete commitment to our partnerships and alliances

6. Diligence:

A keen eye for detail & the power to provide essential information in order to execute plans with ease, creativity and precision to create a rewarding experience.

We are about accuracy

7. Time Management:

The ability to deliver at the earliest possible, keeping in mind deadlines & an honest attempt to often under commit and over deliver.

We are about perseverance

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