Event Date

INDIA - 29/08/2018

Event Description

2nd Annual Governance, Risk & Controls Summit 2018

Achromic Point would like to invite you for our upcoming seminar on “2nd Annual Governance, Risk & Controls Summit 2018” in Mumbai on August 29, 2018 at Hotel Orchid.
This one day program is designed to provide practical insights that help our delegates apply them to address the business issues they face today. It also offers an opportunity to network and build relationships with industry professionals and peers. The series of interactive breakout sessions, featuring industry experts help participants understand the dynamics relevant to the topic.

Program Outline (Indicative)
Session - 1
Corporate Governance In Emerging Markets
  • The Definition of Corporate Governance
  • Global Governance Issues
  • What is Changing in Indian Scenario
  •  Explore the Components to Position the Regulatory Governance and Compliance Structure & Goal
Session - 2
Governance & Risk
  • Corporate Governance Scandals
  •   What are the principle issues of Corporate Governance?
  •  Establishing the right regulatory governance oversight structure
  • The Oversight of risk; assigning responsibility in management/Can a healthy governance program achieve the dual goal of preventing regulatory process delinquency and at the same time promote a healthy corporate governance culture to respond to the oversight authorities demands
  • The Role of Chief Risk Officer, Internal Auditors and CFO in strong Corporate Governance; together they can set up an exceptionally strong governance structure
  •  How can a global governance program have both independence to perform and power to comply
Session - 3
Panel Discussion – (Anatomy of a Financial Crime)
  • Heightening awareness about the steps involved in the identification and investigation of financial crime
  •  Understanding the analysis undertaken to identify possible criminal activity
  •  Raising awareness concerning real life “Red Flags” seen in daily financial services activities
Session – 4
Risk Management & Compliance: A Partnership Throughout The Organization
  • Enterprise Risk Management for Companies: The New Discipline
    • Measuring the adoption of an enterprise risk management system
    • Addressing the performance issues and gaps between the implemented and the adopted enterprise risk management
  • Case Study from Corporates
  •  Connection between risks throughout the organization and the application to compliance
Panel Discussion – (Strengthening Compliance, Oversight With Proactive Risk Management Approach)
  • Current status of risk management adopted by mid to large Corporates
  • How the oversight of Board and Audit Committee is changing with respect to risk management and compliance program
  • Key Steps (2) applied in past that benefitted Compliance Oversight immensely – Experience of Eminent Panelist
  • Forward view and Compelling step to make the Risk Management Approach and Governance Oversight practical and effective
Session - 5
Managing Commercial And Financial Risks of GST
  • The Fundamental purpose of GST is to Act as a tax on a final consumption. GST, however, can create costs in unlimited ways as it passes through the supply chain. This session will demonstrate how GST will not have significant cash flow implication on the business when financial management is in order and examine how that can be achieved
Session 6
Panel Discussion – (GDPR And Data Protection)
  • When will the GDPR apply
  •  What counts as personal data under the GDPR
  • Why GDPR Must Be an Integral Part of Your GRC Framework
  •  Types of privacy data does the GDPR protect?
  • Does the GDPR affect third-party and customer contracts?
  •  Places data protection in a GRC framework, enabling readers to easily grasp the overall picture of data protection
  •  Discusses existing and emerging data protection technologies and how they relate to each other

Balsing Rajput
Superintendent of Police, Cyber, Mumbai, Maharashtra
S. V. Sunder Krishnan
Chief Risk Officer, Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Company Limited
Sandeep Chilana
Partner, Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas
Radhakrishnan Vijayakumar
CISO, Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services
Ashish Jain
Principal Auditor, Upstream India, Royal Dutch Shell
Aryan Panchal
Chief Digital Officer, Rakyan Beverages Private Limited (Raw Pressery) 




9:30 am - 5:30 pm


Hotel Orchid, Mumbai


Download Link : GRC Brochure V8.pdf

Registration Fees

INR 6,995.00

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